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Launched by the successful mobile game developers SUPERCELL, Brawl Stars is a team-based action-oriented MOBA that offers four different gaming modes. The fact that this amazing game has currently only been made available on iOS devices might be a bit off-putting for android users, but they needn’t worry as it will soon be available on google play store too! The game is quite intense, and players tend to completely immerse themselves while playing it. Maintaining your streak and outclassing your opponents is a primary instinct. Here are a few tactics that will aid you to get started and keep progressing higher and higher in the game.

More about Brawl Stars Game and Game-play: Brawl Stars is a game released by the famous game developer Supercell. After a huge success with their old games Clash Royale, Clash of Clans and more, this developer decided to take their game on a new level which is <<Multiple Online Battle Arena>>.
Most people nowadays are more engaged with online multiplayer game battles played through the phone. People wants to experience the same thrill and excitement that they get when playing PC games and Supercell was able to see that and never failed its fans.
Brawl stars is a 3V3 strategy game. You’re behind the character you’re playing and you take out a variety of opponents around world-wide.
In this game, you get to chose a Brawler. Each brawler has a specific attribute and skill sets that makes the game even more exciting.

Players get to collect and unlock these brawlers while progressing in-game. Just like Clash Royale cards, Brawl Stars got the same thing and it comes in four types: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.
Currently, there are 15 brawlers in the game and only few Legendaries.
Each player is ranked in the game’s world leaderboard by earned trophies and battle scores.
Unlike with most MOBA games, here you play it with your device in portrait mode instead of the typical landscape.
The game control setup is also pretty unique. When you go to the game’s control settings, you will see two control modes. First option is Tap to move while the other is the conventional Joystick. What’s interesting with this is that different players might have their own preferences with the control setup depending on the character that they are playing.

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